Insert the two pipes and twist to lock them into place DDK UNO

  • DDK chimney systems are developed to be reliable from top (the cap) to bottom (condensation drain).
  • DDK can produce pipes with wall thicknesss ranging from 0,4 to 1 mm depending on stove power, temperature of the exhaust gases, fuel and other parameters.
  • DDK chimney system elements are used in repairing old and as well as building new chimney systems.
  • DDK chimney elements have standard diameters from 60 to 400 mm and can also be made in larger diameters and wall thicknesses.

    • In over-pressure systems gaskets are used as an additional insurance against the possibility of condensate or exhaust leaking.
    • Elements meet all regulations of countries they are sold in.

    • ddk uno

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