Quality policy is part of the whole policy of the Company, in order to achieve legal liabilities, contractual requirements, safety and security of people, property and environment.

The main objective of the Company from the standpoint of the quality of the realization of all Contracting requirements for quality and meet customer expectations, and for whose realization necessary uspotavljeni and documented quality management system to maintain and improve the requirements of ISO 9001, certified and confirmed by the competent authorities.

The principles of quality policy are as follows:

  • customers are the most important factor in setting and achieving purpose and quality policy,
  • the customer determines whether our service meets the requirements,
  • relationship with customers is built on mutual trust and effective resolution of any problems,
  • determine the major processes of quality management systems and join them measurable objectives,
  • suppliers affect the achievement of the required quality and is therefore selected only those for which the reliability can be expected to fulfill the requirements,
  • clear definition of responsibilities and accountability for activities that affect the quality of enforcement of contractual obligations,
  • quality of contractual obligations to exercise with minimal costs,
  • satisfaction of employees associated with their jobs and working conditions.